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There are many Manly beach hotels that you can choose form. Whether you are looking for serviced apartments in Manly or motels in Sydney, there are various options, reviews and factors to consider when making your decision.


When people look for Manly beach hotels, they are normally on holiday and looking for place to relax and get away from the stress of every day life.


At Manly Paradise we understand what customers are looking for. Here is why we are one of the best accommodation in Sydney.


We ensure cleanliness, every time


There are serviced apartments in Manly and motels in Sydney that claim they are clean and tidy. However, depending on the cleaning staff of the day or how many guests they may have, sometimes this can fall by the wayside. With us, you can ensure you are getting a clean stay, no matter what time of the year.


Our customer service


We pride ourselves on having the best customer service that our people can deliver. We understand that staying in a hotel or being on holiday is more than just having a nice room. We know the entire experience matters, and this means being able to ask staff any questions you might have, be greeted with a friendly and professional manner and always be taken care of.


Our location


We are close to everything Manly and Sydney has to offer. Whether you are looking for the best restaurants, cafes, bars or shops, we deliver everything on your doorstep at Manly Paradise. Don’t spend your time looking for where to eat, drink or go shopping. 


So, when it comes to deciding on which is the best accommodation in Sydney, look no further than Manly Paradise. If you are looking for a clean, friendly and central located Manly hotel, then we have all the factors that you are looking for in your stay.

Making the decision between serviced apartments in manly, motels in Sydney or Manly beach hotels can be a difficult to weigh up.


There is cleanliness, location and amenities to consider. If you have children, is it kid friendly?


When it comes to choosing accommodation, there are many benefits to opting for a beachfront motel that other types of accommodation can’t meet.


Close to the beach


When we go on holidays, many of us look forward to the beach. Whether it’s to surf, sunbake or go for a nice long walk, it’s something many individuals prioritize on a holiday or a long weekend getaway.


Manly beach hotels allow for the beach to be right on your doorstep. No need to get on a train, tram or catch a taxi. When you want the beach, it only meters away.


Something different


You might be coming from the suburbs or the city. You might be used to spending you holidays in serviced apartments in Manly or motels in Sydney.  Ether way, staying in a beachfront motel will be something different and just what you need to change it up for your holiday.


It’s not every day that you’ll have a beach just outside where you live. So make the most of it while it is an option.


Calmness and serenity


Most of us go on holidays to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle that our daily lives bring. The beach has always been known to be a calming place, and there’s nothing more calming than watching the waves roll in. This is something that city venues or traditional motels just can’t offer.

The refurbishment of our Motel Rooms is now complete, with a lovely fresh look for each room.

We have chosen new linen, furniture and individual artwork to compliment the rooms and common areas alike. We have also refitted the kitchenette and bathrooms which
will provide our guests with more modern facilities.

We are very happy with our new look and hope you will enjoy it too

About Manly Paradise Beachfront Motel and Apartments

We offer the accommodation right on Manly beach that is ideal location for the corporate traveller, the holiday maker or for anyone who wants to take a break, relax and enjoy one of the most unique locations in Australia. There's an unbelievable amount to see and do in and around Manly. Visit us to experience it for yourself.

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